South African Whiskey

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    Bains Cape Mountain Whisky 15 Year Single Grain

    Region: South Africa

    Nose: Vanilla leads into banana, pineapple and a little citrus note, soft chocolate aromas blend into subtle spices, honey and toffee notes.

    Palate: The spices are elevated and lead  perfectly into the fruitiness.. Ripe banana and pineapple mix so well with vanilla, toffee and a little cinnamon then a softer ginger cake flavour arrives with a little dried fruit towards the end..

    Finish: Lingering spices with a tropical twist..

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    The Three Ships 10yo

    The Three Ships 10yo single malt makes its long awaited return! It is now a permanent expression in the Three Ships range, but with each annual release detailing the vintage of the whisky. The casks in this vatting were filled in July 2005, and there are roughly 11,000 bottles available. Non-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at 44.6%.

    Nose: Rich and complex, with a combination of pepper, spice, sweet oak and roasted malt, all held together by a subtle peat smoke.

    Palate: Spicy, with a good dose of malt and classic peat and a lovely creamy mouth-feel.

    Finish: Full-bodied with a long fruity, peaty aftertaste, a slight hint of licorice with cinnamon and honey.

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    The Three Ships 9yo Fino Cask Finish

    Single Malt
    Age: 9Yrs
    Country: South Africa

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    Three Ships 8yo Oloroso Cask Finish

    Age: 8Yrs
    Country: South Africa
    Single Malt