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We Are A World Class Online Whisky Specialist Retailer, Keeping Abreast With The Latest International Whisky Industry Developments Which Is Reflected By The Type Of Whisky We Offer For Sale And Our Unique Value Proposition For Our South African Whisky Loving Community.
The Chief Impediment To Trying And Discovering New Whisky Is The Barrier To Entry, Buying Every Single Bottle Of Whisky One May Desire Can Prove To Be A Very Costly Exercise And You May End Up With A Bottle Of Disappointment At Your Own Expense.
Dram Discovery Shop Aims To Create Value By Affording Whisky Lovers The Privilege To Sample And Discover Some Of The Finest Drams That One Can Access Without Breaking The Bank.
Almost All Of The Whisky Available For Sale By The Bottle On Our Online Shop Is Also Available By The Dram (25ml To Be Specific) You Can Create Your Own Tasting Set.
Our Whisky Selection Process For Our Online Whisky Shop Is Meticulous And Properly Researched By A Dedicated Team Of Whisky Researchers With A Taste For Quality Drams.
We Also Appreciate The Fact That Whisky Is Not Getting Any Cheaper And Some Die Hard Whisky Lovers Are Being Priced Out Of Their Favorite Drams So We Are Here To Ameliorate The Problem.
We Encourage You To Take Full Advantage Of Our Online Whisky Specialist Shop And Have As Many Splendid Dram Discovery Experiences As Possible To Experiment With And Educate Your Palate In The Process.
At Dram Discovery Shop We Admonish Against Alcohol Abuse, We Implore All Whisky Lovers To Savor Their Favorite Drams Responsibly.
Dram Discovery Shop Team
PS:- Dram Discovery Shop Has An Affinity For Independently
        Bottled Craft Presented Single Cask And Small Batch
        Whisky And We Embrace Whisky Producers Who Are
        Concerned With The Intrinsic Quality Of Their Product.